Steam Boilers

Through one of our Group company M/S ACI Engineering (Pvt) Ltd; We sell, purchase and repair all sort of Industrial steam boilers, Provide maintenance services and spare parts.

     Our steam Boiler services includes :

•   Sale and purchase of new and used steam boilers

•    Boiler Reconditioning

.    Boiler feed water treatment

.     Boiler D-Scaling

•    Boiler Combustion Services

•    Boiler annual Inspection & fitness certificate  

•    Boiler Installation & Startup

•    Controls & Instrumentation

•    Pressure Vessel Repair

•    Process Piping

•    Refractory Repair

•    Stack Emissions Testing

•    Valve & Pump Repair

Cooling Tower , Chiller and R.O. Plant

Products of corrosion are oxides and hydroxides of the systems in form of scale. The corrosion deteriorates the metal. The cooling tower , Chiller and R.O. Plants can become severely fouled in presence of scaling.  Unexpected repair to your equipment is not only inconvenient, but it can also be costly both in the cost of repair and the loss of revenue due to downtime.  An effective regular maintenance schedule can help you to reduce downtime, lower repair and fuel bills and reduce operating cost.

ACI provides the following services

Schedule Maintenance & Repair

Start-Up services

Service visits

Contracted & non contracted Maintenance

Annual overhaul contract

Efficiency Consultation

Repair / overhaul parts

Spare parts replacement

Annual Operational Contract

Obtain Fitness Certificate From the Government Department

group of companies

As a vibrant Group of companies  with a proven history of decades , PGT Is In an age of constant changes and ever-diversifying popular values,  will work proactively to keep abreast of those changes, maintain an uncompromising approach towards corporate and social responsibilities  and continue to earn the trust of our clients and our business associates. Furthermore, by adopting the values of fairness and transparency into our management, PGT will do whatever it takes to become your most reliable business partner.