Our Products

Based on our business skills , ACI  leverage the combined talents of our specialized divisions every single day to provide the most comprehensive products in the industry. We are proud to have the best people, the best partners, and a true passion for problem solving at ACI group of companies.

Steam Boilers

One of our group company M/S ACI Engineering Pvt. Ltd;  is in the Field of Industrial Boilers for the last 32 years , since its inception, the name ACI is still synonymous with quality service, innovation & reliability. We sell, purchase and repair all sort of new and used Industrial boilers, Provide maintenance services and spare parts. 

ACI  have own Industrial work shop in SITE , Industrial Area ; near Binoria Restaurant , Karachi.

We have A team of expert Engineers and workers to provide on-site services or in-house services at our work shop. 

ACI  is providing the following products and services ;

1 – Sale & Purchase of all sort of Boilers. 

2 – Repair, maintenance and annual operational contract of steam Boilers. 

3 – Do the Erection & commissioning of Boilers.

4 – Provide Automation services for easy to handle operation. 

5 – Sourcing the right boilers for our valued customers, both new and used.

Chillers and R.O. Plants

Our Group company M/S ACI Engineering Pvt. Ltd. supports its industrial clients in achieving the best performance level for their Chillers, Cooling Towers and R.O. Plants. It includes the implementation of maintenance engineering methodology and operational readiness management, tailored to each situation. ACI guides its clients to obtain the right plant / Machinery or parts  as per the requirement and maintains a full-time Service Network and spare Parts Warehouse to provide complete end-to-end solutions for instant needs.  Customers can rely on our skilled technicians to install, repair and maintain  Chillers, Cooling Towers and R . O . Plants  in a safe and professional manner.

Industrial Waste and Scrap

PGT takes pride in providing our customers with best services, respect, and knowledge of the Industrial waste and scrap materials. We purchase through Public auctions , submitting tenders and visiting various scrap  yards and industries  selling scrap. We sort out all scrap in our warehouse , process it some way , pack it according to the grades and sell it in the local market . 

Our Scrap yard have wide range of scrap, including  all sort of Metal , wood  , paper , plastic Batteries , used empty Plastic and metal drums , Cans , Boilers and other machines including ACs , Fridges etc.

Some of our renowned chemical brands

Trisodium Phosphate (NA3PO4) For boiler water treatment

Sodium Sulphite (NA2SO3) For boiler steam line treatment

Alkali for boiler water treatment

SAF-DE-SCALE , Boiler scale remover

Cooling tower water treatment

Boiler De-scaling agent

Cooling Tower water treatment

Cooling Tower water corrosion control

Cooling Tower water treatment

Cooling Tower water treatment

Boiler feed water treatment

Boiler Scale Remover


One of our group of company M/S ACI Industrial Chemicals Pvt. Ltd;  is providing Industrial Chemicals such as ;

  • Boiler treatment Chemicals
  • De-Scaler for boilers
  • Neutralizer
  • HCL
  • Sulphuric Acid
  • Liquid Caustic
  • Sodium Hypochloride
  • Ammonia Liquid
  • Hydrazine Liquid
  • PVA
  • R.O. Plant Chemicals
  • Cooling Tower Chemicals
  • Jacket water chemicals
  • Radiator water chemicals
  • Battery water chemicals